Seven Ways You Can Benefit From Participating in Toastmaster Groups

Few people have the skill to confidently speak in front of a group. Those who do possess a very valuable, very scarce, and very sought-after ability. Wouldn’t you like to be one of these people?

Many great speakers seem to have been born with this ability. But it’s not true! Speaking in front of a group is a learned skill. Most of us never learned how to do it in a safe and supportive environment.

So, how can we develop and possess this ability for ourselves if we’ve never had the chance to learn? This is where toastmaster groups can help you with your personal and professional goals of being confident and clear when speaking to one person or to a group of people.

Toastmaster groups is an organization that helps people improve their ability to communicate and to use those communication skills to be better leaders. In each meeting, club members practice impromptu speaking, prepared speaking, and leadership presentations. Through a series of step-by-step projects, members practice everything from using voice, using hand gestures, using handouts and flip charts, and connecting with the audience. Using feedback from experienced speakers, each member has a chance to grow at their own pace, speaking about their own interests.

If you are an experienced speaker looking to improve, toastmaster groups is for you. This is a great opportunity to try new approaches and topics to gauge the reception of the group before presenting the same material to the CEO or at a workshop.

Seven ways you can benefit from toastmaster groups:

� Build your confidence through practice delivering speeches in front of a live audience.
� Learn to organize your content to deliver a more effective message.
� Become aware of crutch words or sounds you rely on to fill time.
� Develop new skills by taking on various meeting roles.
� Improve your comfort level in front of an audience.
� Create your personal presentation style.
� Incorporate best practices you learn from others.

The audience can sense if the speaker is confident. I am passionate about helping others with their careers and know my subject matter well. These are two hurdles to being confident in front of the crowd. To be effective in delivering your message the audience must sense that you are confident in your knowledge of the subject matter and your ability to communicate it to others. What can toastmaster groups do for you? By attending and participating in toastmaster groups, you can hone your skills and increase your confidence in front of an audience.

One additional benefit is developing business connections among fellow members. This can lead to ongoing referral partnerships. Some will also become actual customers or clients. Each time you attend you should make it a point to meet as many people as you can. Don’t try to sell them just ask what they do and why they love it. Then ask for a business card and move on. The folks over at QuoteActions have developed an interesting and non-threatening method to stay in touch with these people. There business networking method places you in front of those individuals on an ongoing basis.